Sunday, January 28, 2007

Party Gags - T and M's Voices: Season 2 Ep. 14

Fans of T & M's Voices, welcome to another edition of your favorite show.

For the week of Jan. 28th, Tit-O and Magnum bring you an episode full of party gags. Yes, they share a few stories as well as a few ideas to really kick start a party.
  • porn
  • Oh Henry bar
  • super soakers
  • shaving cream
  • warm water

We'd also like to mention that T & M's Voices has picked up to local sponsors for the show. A special thanks goes out to Quinto's Kitchen and Dufferine Tyle for there support.

So now download, tune in and enjoy episode 14; Party gags.

Author: Tit-O & Magnum
Date: 2007-01-28
Source: digital



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