Sunday, May 20, 2007

T and M Get Vertigo

Dear fans of Tit-O and Magnum. With summer upon us an our weekends fulling up with summer activities and CHORES, T and M's Voices Season 2 will be on hiatus until at least the end of June.

It is with great regret that we are not able to close off the season and enjoy our summer and prepare for season 3.

We do however have some good news! After many hours in the Shureshot Studios on the mixing board, we have released a very special treat for fans of T and M's Voices.

Get your mouse ready to click the link below. We have put together a special remix of Tit-O, Magnum and U2!!

Yes, you can now hear the memorable voices of Tit-O, Magnum, their special guest and U2 all together in one track. iTunes users don't have to do a damn thing, those that don't subscribe to podcasts, click the link below to hear the remix.

Download: T and M Get Vertigo

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